Hey There

That's Me.

As a cinematographer, my goal is to use the decade worth of experience I gained behind the camera to translate, motivate, and elaborate on the visions of my fellow collaborators.

I started my career as a stills photographer, winning a number of awards and quickly gaining a reputation for interesting and highly sought after work. After completing a residency program in Paris, I decided it was time to transition into motion picture.

I served as a camera assistant, camera operator and gaffer while simultaneously honing my skills on various personal projects and music videos. In Fall of 2014, I opened Fable House alongside my business partner/producer/friend, Sam Claitor. By November, I solidified my position as cinematographer on the Syfy Network feature film entitled, Zombie Shark. Since then, the Fable House team has been apart of many great projects including The Parallax Theory, Showing Roots, Gypsy Woman by Young Futura, and the up-and-coming Ozark Shark.

My mornings are simple. I get up, eat Froot Loops, check my attitude at the door and #getpumped to lead the team. All while continuing to feed a career doing what I love, telling stories.

Also, it is a long established fact that I am a goober...and I am OK with that. My sets are fun sets...

...get over it.

-Matt S. Bell


Fable House  |  hello@fablehouse.tv

Photo by Sarah Shoots

Photo by Sarah Shoots